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LIFSCHITZ Law Firm represents individuals and families who have been harmed by their landlords. Lawyers at LIFSCHITZ Law Firm are dedicated to helping tenants exposed to mold, water intrusion, rodent infestation, bed bugs, lack of heat, and any number of other habitability issues that impact you and your family’s health and safety.

For well over fifteen years, LIFSCHITZ Law Firm has become the leading Bay Area Firm specializing in mold-related personal injuries. At the same time, LIFSCHITZ Law Firm has expanded their practice into class action litigation, as well as general and vehicular personal injury.  

Clients come first at LIFSCHITZ Law Firm. We are primarily a contingency fee practice, which means that we do not bill our clients hourly for our time, but collect our fee at the end of a case from the settlement or judgment we obtain on behalf of our clients. This allows people who could not ordinarily afford an attorney to have access to the civil justice system and demonstrates our firm belief in our clients and the cases we accept.

If you need help at any time, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here to help!


LIFSCHITZ Law Firm specializes in seeking compensation for residential tenants who have been injured by the conditions caused by their landlords’ negligence or malfeasance.

Tenant Rights / Habitability / Mold

LIFSCHITZ Law Firm specializes in helping clients recover for their personal injuries and economic losses causes by all habitability issues, including the following:
  • Excessive dampness and mold
  • Vermin infestation (e.g. bedbugs, rodents, roaches)
  • Tenant harassment/retaliation for demanding repairs
  • San Francisco/Local Rent Ordinance claims
  • Wrongful and constructive eviction
  • Negotiating landlord/tenant disputes

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Personal Injury

The lawyers at LIFSCHITZ Law Firm use the latest technology to successfully pursue a wide variety of personal injury matters, including:
  • Carbon monoxide exposure
  • Lead poisoning
  • Slip and fall/unsafe premises
  • Dog-bites
  • Auto/bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian injury

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Class Action Litigation

LIFSCHITZ Law firm has pioneered using class action claims to benefit large groups of tenants who are collectively experiencing unlawful practices.  Our expertise provides us with the knowledge and experience in complex litigation on behalf of groups of people who were harmed by unlawful, unfair or fraudulent business practices including areas of:
  • Tenant rights
  • Unlawful lease provisions
  • Consumer fraud

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Success Stories

  • Kathy T. Testimonial Image

    When Kathy came to us, her home was infested with toxic mold. The mold was covering the walls throughout the apartment. Her son has asthma, a disease exasperated by elevated levels of household mold . We helped Kathy’s family move to a healthier home. About the experience, Kathy says:

    "Mold was everywhere [in our home]. You could smell it all over my clothes and in my hair. We had to throw everything away."

    "Eric took care of everything for us; he did more than he needed to do. Now we have a nice house—with no mold. I'm very lucky to have him as an attorney."

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  • Ara A. Testimonial Image

    I was living in a rent-controled apartment in the Lower Haight for several years. I liked my room and roommates, the area, all the shops, plus I was near a lot of Muni lines.

    Things were going well, until we started getting leaks in our ceiling. Each time it rained, we'd contact our landlord, who would come by the next day to "fix" the roof. The leaks kept getting worse, and in addition, we had roof material falling down onto our kitchenware and food while we cooked. Eventually, mold started to grow “inside” the walls, and there was wood rot throughout the apartment that got so bad that pieces of the building were literally falling off. What made matters worse was that our landlord started to come into our apartment with no notice, which of course ...

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  • RICHARD C. Testimonial Image

    I was sent to this firm by another lawyer. I found them to be quick, polite, professional and no nonsense. After meeting with the lead attorney i signed up for them to represent me. They helped me win a HUGE settlememt, plus they also helped me on a 2nd Residency issue as well. I am very happy with the attorneys and staff. They are a busy working office. I was glad to see them focus on getting the case done and done in a manner i wanted. I have sent many people to them for help and each one thanked me.

    If you want to win your case and dont want a runaround like so many others firms do. I recomend you go speak to Eric.

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